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In Straight Pool there are 16 balls in total: 7 solids (numbered 1-7), 7 stripes (numbered 9-15), the black eight-ball, and the white cue ball.
To win Billiards Master Pro free online board game: the first player to pocket 8 balls, regardless of suit wins the game. Scratching: If you fail to sink any balls, it's your opponent's turn. If you sink the cue ball, it's your opponent's turn. The cue ball is put back in a random spot behind the white line. In this case, any other balls sunk during the same shots are put back on the table in a random spot.
In 8 ball mode there are 16 balls in total. To play: player 1 breaks. If he pockets a ball, suits are assigned to both players. To win: the goal in 8 ball is to sink all the ball in your suit, and then pocket the eight-ball, before your opponent does. You can also win flash sport game if your opponent sinks the eight-ball before pocketing all balls in the assigned suit. If you fail to sink any ball, it's your opponents' turn.