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In Brute Wars you've got to journey up to the top of Mt.Asio. There is a lot of danger on the way, so you'll be assembling a team of six animals to help you. With the help of your team, you must navigate the world map and find a way to reach the summit. Keep your eye out for the Castles around the world. Battle their denizens to conquer them.
Each animal in online rpg game has several stats that represent it's strengths and weaknesses. When you move the mouse over the animal's picture, its stats will be displayed in a window on the right. HP is Health Points. Every attack against this animal will reduce this number. When it reaches 0, the animal is incapacitated - knocked out, so to speak. If all of your animals are knocked out, you lose the battle. PW is Powerm this is how strong the animal is when he attacks. Remember that not every attack will be exactly this strong, so don't rely on it completely. Ac is action, the animal can take this actions each turn in combat. He can attack or move once for each point of AC he has.
Don't forget about the Clans. Many animals have a Clan association. You can tell by the circular icon at the bottom left of the animal's portrait. The clan determines what magic you can use in combat. For more instructions of such rpg flash games reach in the game tutorial.