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Welcome to Bummin A Ride free online game - the ultimate tramp game. You've been announced that you have inherited one million from your Uncle Bob. It is mandatory that you arrive in LA and accept the inheritance within 25 days, commencing with receipt of letter in hand or else the money goes to the orphanage. Keep an eye on your status bar valuer as they are essential for survival. The game is over if your Health Points (HP) reach zero. So don't forget to eat or go to the hospital from time to time.
Action points (AP) represent time: once per day you can choose various actions that will cost you AP. Go to sleep to regenerate AP. You start your journey without any money. Earn some by collecting cans, begging or scavenging piles of garbage. Don't forget to buy useful items in the shop. You have to reach your goal within 25 days or the orphanage will obtain your $1,000,000. So hurry: every time you go to sleep, a new day begins. The mile values show the miles you have traveled so far and the distance to the next city.
In such online games you need to click on the icon or press Esc to open your inventory. The numbers tell you how much space your items use up and how much space is left. Buy bags to expand the capacity of your inventory.
Since you in a city, take advantage of it. Collect some cans and go shopping. Heal your wounds and beg for some dollars. When you feel sufficiently equipped. hike to the next city.
Some of the minigames you'll find during your trip are being controlled by mouse, some by keyboard. Read instructions carefully. To quit the game press Q key.