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Play Bunny Invasion 2 online flash game


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Welcome to flash game Bunny Invasion 2. Use easy controls to manage your character and shoot all bunnies coming close to you. Select weapon with number keys, throw grenades with AS, Space - reload, fire weapon left mouse button.
After each wave of bunnies in online game you will be able to purchase weapons and upgrades from the shop screen using the money you collected from the previous wave of bunnies. In the weapon shop, you can buy guns, ammo and upgrades for each weapon you have purchased. In the upgrade shop you will be able to repair and fortify the building, hire an assistant, even buy deadly diseases to spread amongst the rabbit community.
You will also have the opportunity to save your game or change the game options. There are many waves of bunnies to destroy in free flash game. Make sure you save regularly, and use your money wisely.