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The evil minotaur Asterion has terrorized the peaceful land of Hallemot for countless years. In his underground den, he and his minions enjoy the spoils of their wicked deeds. Determined to end his reign of plunger and pillage, a single hero come forth...
You enter the dark domicile of the evil minotaur. In the distance, you can hear the chatter of the vile creature that inhabit the depths. Your adventure begins in Cardinal Quest.
Select your hero to play online rpg game. Fighter - a mighty warrior, possessing unparalleled strength and vigor. Straighforward melee character - recommended for beginners of online games.
Chief - a cunning and agile rogue, his speed allows for a swift escape. The most challanging character - use his speed and skills to avoid taking damage. Wizard - a wise mage who mastered the arcane secrets of magic. Can cast spells rapidly - use his mystic powers as often as possible in rpg flash game.