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Play Catscratch Cats Me If You Can online flash game


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The Chumpy Chumps have challenged the Cats to a three-part race across town. The first one to reach Uncle Phil's farm wins the Cup. Our feline heroes have no idea their hotrod has been sabotaged. Can they overcome this cat-tastrophe and win the race? You gonna play to find out.
Help Mr. Blik drive across town as fast as possible while avoiding obstacles, picking up bonus items and using shortcuts. Once the Ctas have caught up with a Chumpy Chump, Help Gordon and Waffle knock him out of the race to reach the finish line. Complete the three races to win the Cup.
Play online game and use Up for gas, Down for brake, left and right arrow to steer. S: Activates waffle's stretch attack. D: Makes Gordon throw Donuts.
Be sure to pick up items on your way in such flash games. Nitro: increases gear's top speed for a short burst. Extra tool kit: repairs gear in case of breakdown. Wrench: partially repairs gear. Donuts: award bonus points and serve as projectiles for Gordon. Dozen Donuts: makes Gordon very happy.
Hits of online game:
- Some jumps or fences can lead to big rewards.
- The faster you complete a race, the higher your score.
- Keep as many donuts as you can for the post-race party.