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The goal of Chilly Challenge free online maze game is to collect all the crystals while steering clear of the mean creature. Use the arrows on your keyboard to move your character through each maze. If you walk on a tile containing a crystal, a bucket, or a key, you will pick it up automatically. Use the space bar to drop a bucket (useful to capture creatures - see below).
Keys are used to open doors. When in possession of a key, walk towards a door to open it. Be careful - sometimes keys are in limited supply and you'll have to find the best strategy to open all relevant doors (if you're stuck, use the "restart level" button on the upper right of your screen).
There are three kinds of creatures in free flash game: polar bears, penguins and snowmen. If a creature touches you, you'll lose a life. If you lose 3 lives , you have to restart the level. If a creature walks over a bucket, it will be frozen for a short time and you can sneak past.But be careful where you place the buckets, so they won't block your way.
Each crystal gives you 1 point. Each frozen creature gives you 50 points. Losing a life takes 50 points away and restarting a level takes 150 points away. Each completed level of maze games gives you a bonus of 50 times the level value.