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Play Coaster Racer 2 online flash game


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In Coaster Racer 2 free online 3D game you will race for pole position. Finish in the qualifying position to unlock the next track. Cash is earned based on your finishing position use cash to upgrade your vehicles.
Press the nitro button to go faster. Nitro takes time to charge up, so use it wisely. You can hold up to 3 nitro boosts. Hold the freestyle button to charge nitro faster but watch out – you can't steer. Use ramps in online game to get airbourne and score more. Drive into cash icons to pick up extra cash. Hit cones for scores and achievements.
In free online racing game try to stay on the track – falling off wastes valuable time. Learn the tracks and the best spots to use nitro. Use mirrors to keep an eye on opponents. Use freestyle for more nitro – but remember your steering. Good luck in flash game.