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This online game will take you in the times of Alexander ruling. Help him clear the playing field of this flash game. Alexander the great - king of Macedonia was one of the greatest conquerors that ever lived. His vision was to unite the world in a universal kingdom. A kingdom where everyone was equal.
Alexander looked for any opportunity to demonstrate his heroic strength and courage. When he was 12 years old Alexander saw a fine horse he wanted. No one had been able to ride the horse. He offered a wager to his father. If Alexander was able to ride the horse, his father would get it for him. If he failed, he would pay for the horse himself.
He noticed the horse was terrified of his own shadow and that's why he wouldn't let anyone near. He turned the horse towards the sun. In this way he could not see his shadow. He got on the horse and was able to ride him. His father bought the horse and Alexander named him Bucephalus. Philip was so proud of Alexander that he said to him, "You must find a kingdom worthy of you, my son, Macedonia is too small for you".
Play online game Counqueror and check your skills.