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Your task in Cycle scramble online game is to race on variety of locations and try to become the champion. Try to complete the objectives on each track to unlock new tracks or characters. Perform tricks to fill up your stunt meter. Get a bronze medal or better to unlock Gentle Slopes. Do a double forward flip for extra 20$.
Arrow up – accelerate, right – lean forward, down – brake, left – lean backward, Space – jump.
You will play in 4 courses (Old McDonalds Farm, Ice Age, Apocalypse, and R-Solo 1) with 5 races in each.
Also there will be a lot of characters to play with. Harry Pothead – fresh out of Waghorts, having ditched his broomstick for a bike. His reactions seem a little slow but nobody can work out why.
Kinky Kong – expelled from London Zoo for his “exploits” in front of hundreds of guests, he now claims to be a reformed character who only wants to ride bikes. Just don’t touch his tail or you might set him off again.
President Douche – a slow, somewhat sloth like, illiterate creature who tells wild tales of days gone by when he was the most powerful man on the planet. Now he’s turned to racing as a career, and one thing’s for sure, if he doesn’t succeed, he runs the risk of failure.
Shinobee – a strange man who never speaks a word. Some say that he has killed over 10,000 men. The only thing that is certain is that he has a Cat, Anna, who will protect his life.
Happy Doo – everybody’s favourite dog and ghost hunter has been given a new leash of life. Just don’t let him eat too many Scooby Snacks or he’ll end up too fat to ride this bike.
Ryan – here comes a new challenger to the Cycle Scramble circuit in the shape of Ryan. I hope he doesn’t shout and brawl if he loses.
Stick Rick – an ex sumo wrestler who responded badly to a fat joke and turned to anorexia. He is now a fine figure of a man, on a mission to become the ultimate biking champion.
Wacky wizard – a very peculiar wizard, he invented a new spell to make his bike super fast and agile. His sorcery days are over now as he forgot all of his spells.
Kev – a close friend to Ryan, an ultimate street fighter come cyclist. Don’t mess.
Zombo – a man zombie-apocalypse, he promises he will unleash his wrath upon the world…right after the next race.
Dundee – left his home in the jungle after all the Z list celebrities moved in.
The Thing – an intergalactic super-dooper space cyclist who travelled across the time space continuum to race in this flash game. Or a creature we found in your attic. You decide.
The Mig – who is the Mig? We don’t know its name, its just a buggy driver.
Vender – an F4500 vending robot from the future who aims to win the cycle Scramble championship to pay off his gambling debts.