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To win online cassino game D-Evo, defeat the enemy until his HP equals zero or less. Use the mouse to click and drag the cards to a new position. The play screen consists of such areas: enemy cards, dino egg, battle arena, end turn, egg sack, your discard sack, dino card, cards left, life, your deck and your cards.
Your life in flash game - you will be defeated when your life reach zero or less. Your deck - each turn you can draw 1 card from your deck, you will be defeated when your deck reach zero. Your dino egg - is used for hatch the dino cards, the amount of dino egg depends on the amount of egg sack.
Your egg sack - at the beginning of each turn, each player receives a certain amount of dino egg which is equal to his amount of egg sack.
Your discard sack - drag and drop your unused card or any card to increase the egg sack. End your turn - click here when you finished your turn, to begin enemy phase.
The Dino land symbol in free flash game - each dino can only be placed on the same land area symbol as its land symbol: ground, sea, sky. Here the evolution stage level scheme: egg, baby, grown, adult.
Each evolution increase attack power+bonus power but to evolve you need lots of eggs, depending on the card cost.