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Danger Planet free online game saves your progress automatically. You may quit any time, and return to continue playing online game later. Left mouse click and hold button until your gun will be charged. The bigger the charge the longer the shot could be. To clear up the pass you have to destroy Queen of the Swarm in free flash game. Otherwise she will give birth to more and more monsters. Press "Spacebar" to switch to flame-thrower. Use the health kit to heal yourself. Use the red balloon to recharge your flame-thrower. Use an air spider when you need some breath.
You had a visit to a small colony on the desert lonely planet in the forgotten part of space. And then an accident happened with an asteroid. The ship crashed and the only one who survived was you. The chance for you to be saved is to get to the space navigation beacon which is somewhere on this planer and to send SOS signal.
Piece of cake but there are always some obstacles on your way when you play online games.