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In the Dark Age online game you will move your warriors to the right side, destroying enemy shields and going to the next zone. Each level has many Zones, after you defeat one zone, you will enter a new Zone. Clear all Zones to go to the next level and defeat all levels to be a master of the Dark Age flash game.
Train 3 types of warriors: land, air, and super warriors. Each of them has different abilities. Create the right Warrior to win the level. Use Lethal Magic to support you in the battle. There are 10 challenge levels, 65 zones, 24 warriors and 8 lethal magics, train the right warriors and cast magic at the right times to win the Dark Age free online game. Press P to pause the game and show the Options menu. Press 1, 2, 3 to change the type of Warrior. Key 1: land warrior, 2: air, 3: super and press key 4 to set lethal magic or use your mouse to click the button.
When you enter the last zone at all levels, you will fight against Guards of the enemy's castle, watch out for the guards, they have more power than normal warriors, create long range warriors or air warriors to kill them. Destroy enemy castles to clear the last Zone to win the level, and go to the next level. You should buy stronger warriors at higher prices, one strong warrior is more powerful than 2 weak at the same price. Don't spend your money to create 2 weak warriors, collect your money to create 1 strong in free flash games. air warriors are stronger than land, but they may lose your money. When Land damages the enemy's shield, you will get More money than if Air damages it.