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Your objective in Deadly investigation free online game is to take role of a detective.
This is the story of private investigator Charles Stone, who was sent to find Louis McCoy, a colleague that disappeared in the quiet town of Springsdale. Upon arrival in town, Charles found out via the local law enforcement that Louis was last seen heading for the Harvey’s mansion. The Harveys were relatively new to the neighborhood, and had bought the mansion just month earlier.
Louis was investigating the case of the missng body of Patrick Harvey, which vanished from the city morgue a day earlier. The cause of Patrick’s death remains inconclusive, as a autopsy had not yet been performed.
Later that evening, Charles took off to the mansion. Soon, storm clouds could be seen in the sky, and before long, the rain was pouring down, and thunder could be heard rumbling overhead. Charles turned onto the small forest road leading to the mansion. The road was in a very bad condition with high grass overgrowing it. With only a couple miles left, the path ahead was blocked by large tree, that had been blown over by the storm, and not wanting to turn back