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Play Domino Knight online flash game


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Lead the knight through the puzzles of Domino Knight online puzzle game. Control him with the arrow keys. Collect three coins scattered throughout the level. These coins will not collide with anything.
When you've got all three coins, move onto the hourglass to advance to the next level. You can't move through walls. You will zip across ice until you hit something or until there is no more ice.
The wooden blocks can be pushed around, so long as there is room. Don't fall in the holes. But when you push a block into a hole, they annihilate each other, and then you can move across safely.
Logs can be pushed (rolled), but only in two directions. They will slide on ice, but if there is ice under the entire log in online puzzle games.
Colored walls are controlled by the colored keys. Stepping on a key lowers the walls of the corresponding color so you can pass, but raises the walls of the other two colors.
Always try to think things out beforehand. Attacking a puzzle blindly will only lead to frustration. Along the way, you will get passwords for levels. Enter these at the main menu to skip to that level of flash game.
If you ever get stuck, click the restart button to reset the level.