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In Dreamwoods online game for kids you have to destroy blocks which you see on the playground. In order to do this, you are to make combinations of three and more blocks. You'll get more points and mana destroying many blocks with one turn. If you meet any game character, he will ask you to find items or will give you a hint in flash game.
Collect all the items and the character will open the door. Some of the doors in the game may be locked with a key. Find the key to open the door lock. Destroy the barriers by blowing up nearby blocks or by means of magic. You can destroy iron barriers with blocks but they're easily destroyed with the magic of Dynamite or with a Bomb. In kids online game, there are bewitched blocks spoiled by wicked Nexus with dirt. You'll have to blow up this block several times in order to clean it.
In the game there are special objects on any level. In order to activate it, place 2 blocks of the same color side by side. Dynamite will destroy blocks and barriers around them. Rockets start from the box and destroy random blocks on the level. The bomb blows up blocks and barriers in a radius.
With the help of coin in flash games you can buy bonus levels on the journey map.
If you collect a fair number of crystals you will be able to get a reward in Reward Section. You will find chests with artefacts on bonus levels. These artefacts will upgrade your spells and special objects.
The enemies will be preventing you from making combinations. The main evildoer is far more dangerous and clever than his servants. He will not only destroy your combinations, but he will try to hurt you as well.
Magic is introduced during online game for kids. It can be used when there's enough mana of the proper color. Magic is upgraded with artefacts: gift, lightning, meteorite, clone, teleport, tile, impulse, earthquake.
When you press the question button - fairy will fly out and give a prompt how to pass a level faster.