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Henry VIII only fights the best. Prove yourself against his knights first. You face Shady Sir Nicholas "Tricky Nicky" Carew, Master of the Horse, his plots will be the death of him.
Before starting online game Dressed to Kill choose your weapon and armour.
Sword - weapon of choice for the gallant knight. Fast, allowing you to stab or slash at vulnerable spots. Beware of opponents in the heaviest armour.
Mace - forget finesse, smash your way through the armour, or stun the man inside. Slow but steady, pound them down.
Pole-arm - allows you to use both hands for extra strength. Slightly slower, but the extra power of your blows can punch through heavy armour.
Light armour - a daring choice. Lose the leg armour for fast movement and visor for good all round vision and rely on your speed to avoid being hit.
Medium armour - a good safe choice in flash game. Enough armour to absorb or deflect all but the most powerful blows, while keeping enough speed and flexibility to land some yourself.
Heavy armour in flash games - the sportsman's choice. Sacrifice speed for complete protection. They may get their blow in first but you'll just shrug it off while you prepare to retaliate.