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Some time in the future, an evil person with a very dark aura wants to rule the world by taking forces from the stone age and middle age to bring them back to the future. Using a time machine called turanggamasa, he goes back to the stone age. The Police from the future comes into action, they travel back in time to defeat these criminals. Unfortunately their turanggamasa time machine is damaged, therefore they have to defeat the criminals and claim their turanggamasa to be able to return to the future.
Do you have what it takes to defeat the criminals? It depends on your tactical ability. Go back to the Stone Age and bring back truth and justice in free flash game.
Welcome to the Dutamasa Battle online game, your mission is to conquer the whole army of darkness. You can choose any characters, every character in this game has a different spells, there are 22 characters that can be played and there are 30 spells that can be applied.
Every spell in online game has a minimum value of power needed, if you have that minimum value, you can cast the desired spell. In your character card the attributed possessed by the character will be displayed. Monitor character's life and power, performance and attack, turanggamasa level need, and character's defense. In flash game you will see the list of spells, there are 30 types of spells and 5 secret spells.
To start the battle , click on the battle button, win the battle to proceed to the next level, 50 levels are available for you to conquest. You can choose the character you wish to use in battle. Please remember that each character requires a certain amount of prada points, the prada points will deplete according to each character's prada requirement.
Besides prada points in fighting flash game, there is also your turanggamasa level. This level will increase along with your battle victories. Better units will be available with each increase of your level. Characters that are defeated during battle will die and become unusable. You can revive dead characters by sacrificing your level.
For more instructions read the tutorial in free flash games.