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If the Palace of Empire Island online game gets destroyed the game is over. Upgrading the Palace will increase its defence against attack. Upgrading the Palace Lv. will allow you to upgrade your workshop and Temple Lv. The Workshop and Temple Lv. cannot exceed that of the Palace and you must upgrade both before you upgrade the Palace again. Click on the Workshop in online game to build new units, building, walls and land. Upgrading your Workshop will increase its defense and unlock new, more powerful weapons. If the Workshop gets damaged you can repair it. If it gets destroyed you'll lose the ability to build new units until you rebuild it.
Click on the Temple to call upon Acts of God to defeat the invading enemy of free online game. Upgrading your Temple will increase its defense, unlock new Acts of God and cause Acts of God to charge faster. If the temple gets damaged you can repair it. If it gets destroyed you'll lose the ability to use Acts of God until you rebuild it in flash game.
You can repair units and buildings by clicking the Repair buttons or pressing R. Pressing R will also select the next most damaged unit if the currently selected unit does not need repairing. Attacking units are built by clicking on the workshop. Each attacking unit needs to charge before it can be fired. The higher the unit is charged - the more damage it will do when fired. Each attacking unit has a charge range. The fuller the charge range meter the more damage the unit will do when fired. Upgrading a unit will cause it to charge faster.