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In the year 3012 a giant meteorite was deflected away from planet Earth by ballistic torpedos fired from the planets surface. The people of Earth had escaped extinction. However, this solution proved to only be temporary. The gravity from the meteorite had disturbed the planet's orbit and Earth was now gradually spiraling in towards the sun. It was estimated that it would only be around 30 years before the planet was too hot to sustain life.
After searching for ways to save Earth for a few years, it was decided that global evacuation was the only realistic course of action. Scientists developed new telescope technology that allowed them to search the universe for a suitable new home.
After yet more years, time seemed to be running out, the temperature of Earth had increased and sea levels had risen putting much of the planets land underwater. But then finally, a possible new home has been found in this online game.
Near the star Epsilon Eridani, a planet was spotted which, not only had water and similar atmospheric properties, but also seemed to look like Earth. The land masses seemed remarkably similar. The planet, from then on, was known as "New Earth".
Despite this strange coincidence, the planet remained as the best hope for humanity. So humanity left Earth and headed for their new home.
As they approached, it became clear that New Earth not only resembled Earth, but was exactly the same, and there was someone living there.
Here your adventure of Eridani flash game begins.
Click on sector in online game which you would like to attempt to conquer next. Each sector will unlock a different upgrade and different sectors may prove easier or harder depending on the layout of the planets and the asteroid available. You cannot attack the central sector until you have conquered all the sectors of online adventure game.