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Play Eukarion Tales - Marcus the Knight online flash game


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Loyalty, justice and truth left this world. Hatred, falsehood, greed, gave birth to the kingdom without boundaries that crosses the souls of every living creature. Evil will always exist, but it can be fought. Young squire, are you ready to give your life to fight against the abyss?
Play free online RPG Eukarion Tales - Marcus the Knight and save your world. Point and click a place to move to it. Click on the object to interact. Click an enemy to attack. When the game starts an "auto attack" option will be active. This means that when you click an enemy, your knight will keep attacking until he or his target die. Once your enemy is defeated you need to select a new target. You can toggle this "auto attack" option on, or off in the Option/Save menu. In this menu you can also save your progress.
On the bottom panel you can see your current health, your current mana, and your progress towards your next level upgrade. Click the button on the left to go to the statistics interface to see your character stats. You can click on the action belt in online game and see what items you are equipped with, or examine your special abilities. You can also use it by pressing the corresponding number on the keyboard. Yo manage your equipment, open your inventory in free flash game. Click the button to access your journal and to check your progress in the story. You can open help any time by clicking the button on the top right of the screen.
The path will lead you only to the cold touch of death. Orcs and goblins fill the lost woods and the guardians of the abyssal cathedral slaughter all those who venture there. You have come to mean much and should you choose this path your chances of surviving to become a knight of the Diamond will be small. Remember, destiny is not a road without turnings.