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Play Euro 2012 Free Kick online flash game


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After you choose the team in Euro 2012 Free Kick flash game you will make 3 matches with teams in your group. First two teams will pass to the knockout stage. There will be elimination after group stage. If you lose in finals, tournament will be over for you.
Use your left mouse button to set the controls. Click on the direction, height, swerve and power buttons to make the perfect shot.
The gameplay will be harder and harder after each match. The controls will be faster, there will be more players at the wall, and you will face with tougher opponents at the later stages.
The most enjoyable of the game is the challenge between players around the world. You will earn points for each goal you score. The more beautiful your goal, the more score you will get. Scores will be related with the power of your team and the opponent team also.
When the game is over, you will have the chance to save you score to the highscores table. Have fun.
Choose the right direction, hight, swerve and power of the shot in soccer free online game.