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In Exciting Poker free flash game players start with $100 to gamble. The online game is played one hand at a time. There are two phases in each hand.
Before the first phase can begin, the players must enter their bets using the Bet+ or Bet- buttons. After this, the player presses the Deal button to begin phase one of the hand.
In phase one, five cards appear, and the player must select which cards to hold (anywhere from none of the cards, to all five) by clicking on them. Once the held cards have been selected, the player must click Draw. This enters phase two.
In phase two of the flash casino game, cards are dealt to the player to replace the ones they choose not to hold. Based on the five cards now in front of the player. A winning combination may be found, and the player will then be awarded a payout based on their final hand of five cards, and how much they bet at the beginning of the hand.