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Play Farmer online flash game


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Welcome to your farm in flash game. You will pick up products from there and then deliver them into the village. Click the order the map will take you to the product. For example when the flour is ready, drag it into the crate before the order disappears. Your truck will drive to pick it up. The truck time indicates how long it will take for the to arrive. When packed and ready click the order to finish it before it disappears.
Pick up more flour sacks in online gadget game be dragging them into the crates when they are ready. Then finish the orders by clicking the order cards.
You deliver the products and earn your cash in the village. The more products you deliver the more shops will open. Click the shop order in flash game. The map takes you to the shop.
When the baker wants flour click it and the truck will drive there to deliver it. Your truck will deliver the product. Then collect your first cash. For earned credits you can buy chicken coop. With the chicken coop you can pick up and deliver eggs. Eggs will attract the grocer to the village. And so on... in such online games there are many upgrades and interesting tasks.