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Fear Unlimited Arena is online fighting game where you will need to show your fighting mastery. Health - green bar, when it empties, you can no longer fight and fail the mission. Magic - represented by runes. When 3 or more glow red, press F so summon the devil within. Action: A - evasive actions are actions that will allow you to escape harms way, or more to move strategic areas. Some evasives can only be performed with special weapons equipped. D - sword actions are melee based attacks. These actions come from what melee weapon is equipped. S - gun actions are actions based on range. The type of gun you have equipped will determine what ranged actions you can perform.
Targeting in flash games: the target marks what enemy your character is focusing on. It also doubles as an HP gauge the number of flames will decrease as the enemy weakens. 6 flames mean full health, 0 flames mean less than 5 % health remains.
To switch swords: press X switching swords mid combo is an effective way to build better, and more effective combos. Hold the down arrow while pressing D this attack, also known as the fury attack does heavy damage. but most enemies can defend against it so be careful.
Hold the up arrow while pressing D this attack is directed in a upward motion. Its so strong it can launch most enemies sky high. D+D+D this is a 3 strike combo in online fighting game. More advanced combos can be created by using special and launch attacks mid combo.
To switch guns: press Z like switching swords, switching guns is an effective way to increase the length of a combo. Press S to fire the equipped gun. Your main guns can be fired quite rapidly by pressing S fast. Hold the down arrow while pressing S the special shot allows you to aim at foes coming from behind. Hold down S for a short period of time. To charge up your guns. Then fire to release that energy and do harsh damage.
Press A to jump. Some swords give you the ability to use "airhike" by pressing "A". Second time you can jump extra high.
Hold the up arrow while pressing A. The dive roll is effect at dodging projectiles and melee attacks if done right. Hold the down arrow while pressing A. Encon will perform a backhandspring, and evade oncoming melee attacks.