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Welcome to the world of Flalls. In this free online game there are two different colors of Flalls which need to be matched to their corresponding color field. The blade of grass can be moved so that the yellow Flalls can reach the yellow field and the blue Flalls can get to the blue field. The Flalls have to be moved before the flower-times stops in online game. You can one and a half minute.
If you want a Flall to move in the reverse direction click left mouse button on it. A gift appeared in the field. To get the gift you have to click the left mouse button when the gift passes through the blade of grass. This will cause a Twister to appear which will catch the gift. Gifts contain different power ups that appear in the lower left hand corner after they are acquired. Be careful not to let a Flall become trapped in the Twister in flash game.
You have become extremely popular in the world of Flalls. Fans will appear in the playfield. Each fan has a different ability. For example, Kind Arty will change the color of any Flall that touches him. Fans can be removed from the play field by absorbing them with a Twister. Babe turns Flall's heads and they start dodging. Try to get rid of such fans as quickly as possible.