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In Flox online game you have to draw a lasso around the two circles to capture them and they will merge. Try capturing them all over again and increase the circles with time. Capturing them at once gives you a size bonus. The more circles you capture in a lasso the bigger it is when they merge. You can capture circles that are inside the others as long as you avoid lassoing the center point of the other circles in online game.
Send them to the center pool by clicking on each one. The bigger the circle, the bigger the pool, the higher the score. A circle becomes docile and is faded out when it reaches its maximum size.
You can only capture circles of the same color in this online game. Click a circle with the correct color or send it to the pool, or any color when the pool is grey. Watch out for the pool, it keep shrinking. Keep sending circles to increase the pool size. When it shrinks to nothing the game is over.