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Play Formula Racer 2012 online flash game


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Formula Racer 2012 free flash game has 12 different tracks from around the world in the 3D graphics.
Awards: wrong shoes – win the wrong tyres. Touch feelie – touch all cars in a race, and win. Maximum booster – finish with full boost. Overtaking booster – overtake 12 cars with a single boost. No claims discount – finish the top 5 and don’t hit another car. All top 3 – top 3 in all races. Wining crasher – crash and still come first. Winning in the rain – win a race in wet weather. Money bags – collect 50000$. Boosting 10x – use boosts 10 times in a level. tarmac lover – finish in the top 5 and don’t go off the tarmac. All top 10 – top ten in the race. All firsts – first in all races. Bat out of hell – reach a speed of 268 mph.
Race class select:
- 3 races, Class 1 is a fast stable car, ideal for a newcomer;
- 4 races, Class 2 is even faster;
- 5 races, Class 3 car, the fastest available.
Play on USA, Mexico and Brazil tracks.
Use arrow keys to move.