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Play Fujitsu Defender online flash game


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Build towers to protect your base in Fujitsu Defender online game. Every tower has different stats. Use your skill points to upgrade your towers, stats and game. You will get 1 skill point after every wave. Use them wisely. Achievements: Special award in game. You will get cash and score bonus for each. Score bonus is 10x cash bonus. Score rewards: you get score for every killed enemy. You get score bonus after wave. You get bonus for survival 100x lives.
There are 50 waves in every level of flash game. 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th are boss levels. Complete level to unlock hardcore mode. You can see next enemy description below your towers and enemy hit points on top of the screen. You can set game options - off the sound effects or off the all sound. You can set game speed to 3 times normal.