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Play flash game Animals In The City and see which party animal you are today. You will be given 10 questions each with two answers in the form of pictures. You need to choose the picture you like more. After you've selected all pics, you will see the result which will display your real mood for exact moment in the online game.
You can do this test every day. Get new questions and see if you're a different party animal. Online game will save a picture of your party animal on the calendar. Set some sleep now and see what kind of party mood tomorrow brings.

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You got your yearbook but with few photos missing. Jazz it up with your own funny photos in High School Yearbook online fun game. It's time to avenge those bullies in your school. Capture your friends and foes in uncompromising poses and flaunt them in your yearbook. The good yearbook days are out and crazy yearbook days are in.

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Play free flash fun game Under Cover and become a real paparazzi. You've just clinched a job, at the world famous UCM Magazine. Your first assignment is to go around the city and shoot candid shots of women exposing their lingerie. To publish your article you need to click at least 12 revealing snapshots across 4 levels. So get going, cos the world of UCM is waiting for it's new star Photographer.
Move your mouse to adjust the camera lens in free online game. Left click is to take shot. The naugtiest pictures will take you to the next level. Watch your time.

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In Llama In Your Face free online game you are the bouncing Lama. Zoo visitors don’t respect your privacy. Defeat them by spiting on them.
You are bouncing u and down in your cool trampoline. Use the mouse to aim and click to spit. Your target is your visitors.
Improve your score by making combos. Hitting multiple visitors without missing will award you extra coins. Watch the combo bar at the top. When you see MISS, your combo is gone and starts from new.
If you hold out long enough, Agent Lama will supply you with cool extras. Make sure you hit the crate when it flies by.

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Play online fast paced action game. You see small interesting creatures on the screen, your mission is to click 'em. Don't think it's that easy. They run fast. When you manage to click them, they will leave a key which leads to another room-level with bigger amount of creatures.
The gameplay is rather simple, still very entertaining.

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Valhalla is a mythical Viking’s paradise. Every warrior wants to get there. But now it’s impossible. Evil creatures have taken over Valhalla. Yet there is still hope in you. Use your mighty hummer, get rid of all creatures and enter to Valhalla.

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In Zombowling fun flash game you have to stop the zombies before they get out of the graveyard. They will attack you in waves and you weapon will be ZXCV keys. Each key and each zombie has its own color. Press the key for the ball of the same color with the incoming zombie to kill it. Don’t click chaotically, concentrate your attention of what color is approaching and which button you need to press. Click on the purple zombies that rise from the graves to gain extra points for highscores!

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In The Green Mission flash game you need to launch the Buddy near tomatoes to paint them radius coloring and catch him back. Don’t touch tomatoes. One touch – 1 start lose. Three touches – level restarts. Make it in one shot and take 3 stars. Click anywhere after shot to make a double jump. Click after double jump to make a plash. Splash can push tomatoes. Tomatoes can touch tomatoes to color each other. Find hidden trophies behind tomatoes. Push tomatoes to check it. It gives you 3 stars anyway till the level restarts. The flash key opens electric gates. The round key opens wooden gates.

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In Ricochet Kills 3 you will shoot men with ricochet bullets off walls and other objects in order to eliminate all the bad guys in each level. You have limited bullets - use them wisely. Don’t shoot each men with a new bullet – wait till the first bullet flies all the way, maybe it will catch on some bad guy. Use your mouse to control.
- 10 levels completed;
- 35 levels completed;
- Bonus level unlocked;
- All levels completed;
- Earn 3200 points;
- Level 6 completed with 90 points;
- Level 46 completed with 70 points;
- Level 49 completed with 70 points;

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Our intelligence suggests that human bases exist in the snow, the jungle and in fiery mountains to the south. Intelligence also suggests to source information from the planet in this order.
Play online game John Citizen 2 and reveal the mysteries.

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Formula Racer 2012 free flash game has 12 different tracks from around the world in the 3D graphics.

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The piranha is back for a third feeding, this time with even more humans in sight! Prepare to turn the waters red in Feed Us 3 free online game.

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A lot of people in your small, quiet town got sick from an unknown sickness and the have died, and now others got sick apparently for no reason. You are the only hope because you've want to go where nobody was before, in the Nuclear Valley. The only vehicle that is usable it's the loader truck. It's good that you have a driving license. Drive the truck, kill soldiers on your way, collect the nuclear weapons and attack a whole army. Drive away from infected territories, make your way through the soldiers, lined up to defense their unit.

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Race your jeep through the dangerous canyons and finish each track at first position, or you can't advance to the next races in Canyon Valley Rally free flash game. Use arrow keys to control your car, P to pause the game and Escape to return to main menu. You have to finish each race at first position to advance to the next track. There are 5 tracks total and your average time will be your final score. Up arrow- accelerate, left, right – steer, down arrow – brake.