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Welcome to Bummin A Ride free online game - the ultimate tramp game. You've been announced that you have inherited one million from your Uncle Bob. It is mandatory that you arrive in LA and accept the inheritance within 25 days, commencing with receipt of letter in hand or else the money goes to the orphanage. Keep an eye on your status bar valuer as they are essential for survival. The game is over if your Health Points (HP) reach zero. So don't forget to eat or go to the hospital from time to time.

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Welcome to your farm in flash game. You will pick up products from there and then deliver them into the village. Click the order the map will take you to the product. For example when the flour is ready, drag it into the crate before the order disappears. Your truck will drive to pick it up. The truck time indicates how long it will take for the to arrive. When packed and ready click the order to finish it before it disappears.
Pick up more flour sacks in online gadget game be dragging them into the crates when they are ready. Then finish the orders by clicking the order cards.

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Janes Realty is a good flash game where you can check your business and construction skills. Each level of online game will offer you different tasks to fulfill. Click lot to see all its options below the screen. Power Plants and Water Towers are prerequisites for construction. Then choose the lot where you would like to build it.

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Use your mouse to control captain Bobulous in flash game Bobulous. Enemies will pop up, try to eat as many as you can. Avoid enemies bigger than you. They are bad.
As you eat your energy bar in online game will fill. When full, the energy vortex will appear. Metal snakes guard the vortex. Avoid them and get into it to evolve.
After that you can eat those mean bigger enemies.
You will also encounter border lights: green lights give you one life. Yellow lights increase your Z-energy. Red lights are dangerous, keep away from them.
Pick up bombs and click to use them.

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There is a legend written by our forefathers... a legend about a foreigner who would come from afar... brought to us by the sea gods to rescue us from the pirates.
It is written that this foreign will be terrifyingly strong, stronger than the thunder we hear during our wildest storms.
And then one day, just like that, a stranger arrived. But he didn't look as scary as local inhabitants expected...they were expecting him to prove that he was the foreseen savior.

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Welcome to the New Farmer online game. Before you start the process your uncle in this flash game will teach you how to do the farming, harvesting and caring farm animals. Follow the directions. First click the showel to dig the land and then plant seeds. To do that click seeds box. Click the plowed land to plant the seeds. Then click watering can to water the plant. Collect water from the well if the can is empty. And then click field to pour water. Click the barrow for collecting the foods. Harvest the grown plant and collect it in the barrow in flash game.

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Help the girl to manage her father's fuel station. She needs to find money to help her family. Play online game Fuel Manager and help her meet the daily targets and to buy upgrades to earn more money.
Click the car or the fuel pump to start filling when car is ready or waiting. When it indicate "near fill", stop pumping to avoid losing life and collect the money. Money given by the customers depend on how fast you serve them.

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The higher officials of the Zippy Airport have chosen you to manage the flights. They hope that you will manage landing and take-off of the flight properly. This is the great chance to show your talents in such flash games for free. You must be careful in handling flight and earn score for your good service. Keep your eyes on the Emergency flights.

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You are a simple driver of stream-air taxi in Steamcab online game. Live and work in the city with exorbitant fines, crime, corrupt police, and in addition you have wicked wife, whose appetites are growing. Practicing domestic violence, every day she throws you to work with the requirement without the money does not return.

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Welcome to Bed and Breakfast 2 free online game. Your objective in this flash game is to look after the customers and make a buck. Discover your first guest at a desk. Click the front desk to send your customer to his room. Then you have to make sure the guest gets his luggage sent up to the room.

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Welcome to Tiger Burger free online game. You will see what the customer wants in the box over their head. Give them exactly what they ask for to gain points.

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In this addicting flash game you must serve the kids with preferred cookies. Once any kid arrives at the cookie shop he will ask you for his preferred cookies.
Drag the chosen to his box. If all cookies are served correctly to kids, they will pay you. Collect as much money you can before the time goes up and advance to more complicated and fun levels of Serving Cookies to Kids online gadget game.

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In Airport Oasis free flash game you will have to manage the lounge area. Red Carpet Club members will enter the lounge and sit down. They will require various items during their stay, and you must ensure they get it. This will keep them happy while they wait for their boarding time.
Using your mouse, drag the desired item from the menu at the bottom, on to the Red Carpet Club member who requires it. An unwanted or incorrect item will result in a reduction of their maximum happy meter. The meter will not return to its previous maximum happiness state until after a few successful requests.

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In Space Saver Best free online game you and your spaceship have important job to do, save the lost astronauts in space and bring them back to earth. Your space ship can stand for years in space, but to survive, you need to follow the light path without touching it. Use your mouse and left/right arrow to control the spaceship, stick in the middle of light path and save the astronauts. Each astronaut has its own oxygen supply, so you need to save them before they run out oxygen in online game.