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Manage the vegetable and poultry farm to earn money in Train Crisis Lite online game for girls. Plant seeds, buy new chicks and take care of them in order to get fruits, vegetables and eggs.
Then you can sell them all at Market to earn money. Buy again new seeds and chicks to be able to make more money and meet your daily targets.
Play interesting and addictive game and have your own farm with lots of stuff to grow and sell. Don't forget to plant new vegetables and plants, and water the ones which are planted for them to grow faster.

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Babies maybe cute, but they sure are trouble makers. Here, you don't have to just tackle these brats; you have to beat your next-door neighbor to it as well. This is your chance to be a Super Mom in Baby Care gadget online game.

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Step into CyberChris' muddy shoes and become a virtual gardener. On your journey, your watering skills and gardering knowledge will be put to the ultimate test.
To control the Cyber Chris in Growing For Life online game around the gardens, simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Water the dying plants by walking up to them and them press spacebar. Cyber Chris will begin watering and the plant will grow. As you run out of water you will have to collect more. Useful Hint: A pair of wellies will make you work faster.

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In Tone It Up free online game you will use your mouse to play. Every customer's body type and fitness chart is indicated on their top left side.
Drag and drop the customer to equipments around the gym. Click on the right option to decide the intensity of their work out.
The lifeline of every customer goes down if they are assigned to the wrong equipment. Avoid losing more than 3 customers in each level.

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In Microlife free online game you have to keep your creature alive and well - their life is in your hands.
But watch your money level. If you run out of funds, you can cash in Microlife eggs by clicking on them. Life's even harder with the evil Catchers about. They steal away the young Micro and force them to work in the jewel mines. You'll need strong Defenders for protection.
The Microlife learn fast, but you must keep them alive long enough so they can develop skills in flash games. Eventually they will build a space ship and escape to a better world. But can you help?

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Welcome to the Goodpaw Veterinary Clinic where you as a Daisy will be learning the basics of treating animals. The first day of a new job can be difficult in Dr.Daisy free online gadget game, but with your help, Daisy will be able to complete her residency training and become a Veterinarian.
There's a lot to learn, so let's get started. Click on a patient to begin the check-in process. When you've selected a patient, click on the reception desk to check them in.

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In Plantasia 2 online game your goal is to help Holly repair the gardens and complete her training as a fairy. To repair the gardens, you have to plant flower seeds. Here are three pansy seeds in your packet. There are also three pansy flowers already growing. To plant a seed you need a hole first. Click on the square below to dig a hole. It take a little while for a tool to finish its work. In the box above you can see how many of the same tool you have available for use right at the moment.

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Looking after the terrible triplets is hard work and their parents need some well earned rest.
Step in Terrible Triplets online gadget game and take control so the triplets remain happy and quiet so their parents can sleep in peace. The longer their mum and dad stay asleep, the higher your score in flash game.

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Mommy Challenge is unusual free online gadget game. Here you need to take care not only of a baby but also of a mom. Eat and sleep for her in order to have energy to look after the baby.
Use different things and tools on the kitchen to help you. Refrigerator - frozen food and milk can be found there. Stove - cook frozen food there. Milk warmer - warm the milk before giving it to the baby. Laundry bin - place dirty diapers in there. Washing machine - wash dirty diapers there.

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Net Pet is a nice online gadget game where you can take care either of a dog or a cat on your choice. First of all select the type of the animal. During the game choose an item's name on the menu to use it. Click again on the item's name to hide it. You will need to take care of such indicators as hunger (food, water), play time (ball, frisbee, chew bone, rc car - for dog; ball of yarn, fishing, whack toy, mouse toy - for cat), training (wake up, bad dog, treat, talk, stop, good dog/cat, sit, pet).

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My Sweet Baby 2 is flash gadget game where you have to take care of a baby. The baby lives in a house with Dining room - bedroom - bathroom - toilet -sick room - study room - play room. If you click on the baby her status bar will pop up. In this bar you can see what the baby needs. The status bar has 9 needs of your baby. If any need is low, the baby will ask you to make it better. For example, if the number of education is low, the baby will want to see books. Then you should click the reading room. If you take good care of your baby you can see the status bars will grow up.

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Welcome to the pond of Amateur Action Super Fishing free online game, you new fisherman. You are about to learn a few vital tips to help you along your fishing career.
You may cast your line anywhere within the enclosed area below your fisherman in online game. Fish with cross from side to side, and it’s your mission to nab’em. Not all fish will want to bite. Your choice of lure, it’s color, and its price will appeal to fish differently.

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Play online game Cute Puppy Daycare and, please, take a street puppy home, give it a cute name and take good care of it. You should fulfill all its basic needs and make all bars green as you see it on the top of the screen. When the day is over and the general status of your puppy is beyond 60 %, you will be successful.
You will need to do a lot of actions with it: take a shower, have some fun, see a doctor, take training, feed, drink, take a lesson, go to toilet, take a snap, sleep and show your care.

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Play gadget online game My Cute Puppy and take care of your puppy. Cover the puppy with foam by holding the left button of the mouse. Save the foam. Rub the foam in the fur. Find and touch the circles until they’ll disappear. Wash away the dirty foam using the shower. Move the towel on the puppy to dry his fur.
Find and touch the circles until they’ll disappear to dry the puppy’s fur by a hairdryer.
Massage the puppy rotating the cursor around each circle (clockwise or counterclockwise: depending on circle’s type).