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Take care about the Panda in Giant Panda gadget free online game.
Panda has 5 attributes: Joy, beauty, training, health and happiness. The players need to keep your Panda’s Joy, beauty, training, and health at a high level, so that the happiness of the giant panda would increase.

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Choose a plant and plant it in a pot in Flower simulator free flash games. Regularly watering and caring for plants. Flowers are beautiful when they bloom. Create the necessary conditions that would get plant bloomed.
Watch the temperature, don’t let the plant get frozen at night or burned with day hot sun. Use umbrella to make shadow during the day, and close window at night.
Don’t forget to water the plant and splash it with drops of water. Also you will need to rake the ground when needed.

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The main objective of the Virtual Cat gadget flash game is to care about the virtual cat. Use the 3 meters (food, fun, care) as high as possible to keep the cat happy. Don’t provide too much time in one category that will cause lower indicators in other categories.
So be careful about using the items. Show your care with this cat or practice in case you want to have a real one soon.

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Play online game Pet practice and start with choosing a pet type: cat, dog, monkey, tiger, hippo, and other creatures. After choosing a type, choose the color of your pet. Also you have the chance to select some accessories for your pet. Type its name and play online flash game.
By clicking the pictures you can play with your pet, give them food and drink, play music and put them to bed.
You can feed your hungry pet by clicking on the food and giving it to them. If your pet is thirsty, click on a drink and give it to them.

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Welcome in Professor XYZ gadget online game. Your mission is to prevent Nip and Tuck from opening the safe. To trap them, you have to build a security system using the simple machines you have at hand.
Click on the red button to open your toolbox. Click on the tools and drag them to the right place inside the machine.
Close the toolbox and click on the handle to start up the machine.
Remember: Nip and Tuck are fast workers and might get the safe open before you drop the cage over them in this flash game.

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Welcome to Reactance 2 online shooting game. On the main game screen you will see your ship, it auto-fires, so don’t worry about that.
If you get shot, it damages your HP. When that hits 0, you die. Your focus meter fills over time, and when you kill enemies. When it fills up enough, you can hold shift to go into show-mo. Or, if you want to move slower without slowing down time, you can hold Z.
When you get new weapons, you can toggle between focused and spread formations by hitting F.

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Move the mouse to move the hammer in Magic smash hammer flash game. Click to launch mini-hammers. Touch coins with your mouse to collect them.
Achievements: first blood – kill 1 enemy, double kill – kill 2 enemies, kill 3 enemies, kill 4 enemies, kill 5 enemies.
Frozen skull – kill the 1st boss. Burning skull – 2nd boss. Earth skull – 3rd boss. Whirlwind skull – 4th boss. Dragon skull – 5th boss.
Witness tsunami – look at the tsunami. Witness Armageddon, dendroids, storm.

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Win your opponent in Build and destroy live online game: destroy an opponent’s tower, be first to start a firework, be higher when time’s up.
Use turn-based and real time modes. Get blocks upgrades, gun and magic upgrades and new maps.
Put new blocks over existing ones. Click on your blocks to repair or upgrade. Destroy the opponent by magic and gun. There are a lot of weapons to choose which cause different value damages.
Each level will require you to be higher in certain amount of turns.

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Any time you want to learn something about the game’s mechanics or you simply need help, press “?” button, located in the top right corner. Manual explain content of the screen you’re located on. The game saves progress automatically after each won fight, and you can also save manually when not in fight. It is recommended that you save manually every once in a while.

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Catch fish in time in online game Super dynamite fishing. Get bonus time for special fish. Move boat with left right arrows or AD keys. Click left mouse button to throw weapons. Wait no more, start explosive attack to get your fish. This great flash game gives you the opportunity to throw dynamite, catch animals such as hungry bear and drop him into the water to collect your fish. Now you can fish in such mad manner and no-one will tell you anything. Fulfill your fishing desire and make the best possible result during certain time period.

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The elephant’s rumbling snores are deafening. Help wake him up in this entertaining online game Snoring 2-wild west. Use other animals to tip over the elephant and wake him up. Each animal functions differently, so each level requires a new strategy. Try clicking the owl. Pigs roll if they’re pushed. Zebras are jumpy. Click to roll the cow. Click again to stop. Penguins spin away when pushed. Bump giraffes to tip them over like dominoes. The quicker you pass a level, the more stars you earn. If you get stuck trying to pass a level, check out the walkthrough.

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Your objective in Horsey races free online game is to leap over the obstacles while collecting stars to gain speed and win the race. Collect the stars to increase the horse speed and press the left mouse button to jump over the hurdles. Avoid touching the skulls by mouse and hurdles by horse. You must finish on the first place to qualify for the next Race. Get as far as possible. Dress up your jockey and pony and win each race to qualify for the next one. Use mouse to collect stars by moving your cursor over them, avoid the skulls and jump over the hurdles or you will slow down.

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Collect the rainbow colored mushrooms in this entertaining and colorful online game. Your task in Turtle harvest free flash game is to help guide the turtle through different levels collecting mushrooms she needs so much to help her grandpa. Each scene will have puzzles to solve and your attention is required here. Think over possible resolutions in each setting in order to pass it or find a mushroom. Some levels will require you fast reaction, for example you need to repair a brined in seconds in order to prevent the turtle fall into the river while sliding the hill.

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A sly raccoon was caught into the trap and brought to zoo. Fortunately, no lock can hold this smart raccoon and his one and only mission is to break out from the zoo and continue the good old lifestyle. Your task in Raccoons break out free flash game is to help the raccoon break out from the jail cell and escape. Look around, point mouse and click to pick up items and solve short puzzles. Start by freeing yourself from the cage. Collect all possible things you will definitely need them to use. Decide how to use collected items and make your way out of zoo cage.