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The best diver was chosen to explore the seabed of Bermuda. Your mission is to help him on his dangerous journey and solve all the quests the mysterious place has to offer. Don’t forget to return. Help the Bermuda Diver on his adventure and explore the ocean. Your mission is to look around and find all possible and useful things to use them in order to finish the level and escape from the ocean depth. Use mouse to collect items which will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. Combine items and solve puzzles.

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In Galaktoid free flash game, you control a board to hit a ball and destroy the bricks. There are special bricks and if you break them your board may be narrowed or boarded or you may be given extra bonuses. You have to break all the bricks on each level to move on to the next one. Power ups: normal ball, fire ball, acid ball, speed up, slow down, narrowed board, broadened board, lasers, blasters, machine guns, safety wall, ball magnet, additional life. S – toggle sounds, P – pause, Esc – escape menu. Play over 40 levels with hi-quality pre rendered 3d graphics.

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Grossout free flash game is a battle for sludge valley is a turn based combat game. Once you have selected a character (Plugger, Skunk, Splat, Spike), you will do battle with the evil forces of big Jim Longhorn to save sludge valley from being ripped off and its environment destroyed. The basic structure of the game is as follows:
1) select a battlefield
2) fight enemies and win cash to buy items
3) buy gadgets, threads and devices at the town shop
4) defeat all enemies at each battlefield to progress to the final showdown at the woodchip furnace.

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Your objective in Professor fizzwizzle flash game is to push boxes and barrels around and make your way to the exit.

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Our story starts in a small planet far away. The planet which used to be a federation outpost. Hasn’t been used as a military base for hundreds of years because there were no more wars or conflict for many years. Many settlers like me decided to move there to benefit from the planets’ rich natural resources. But one day, everything changed. You were at the market to sell your last batch of vegetables when you heard several explosions in the distance. Warship flew over the head. Of a kind you never seen before. It was so surreal.

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In Dungeon cleaner online game you have to beat hundreds enemies and collect gold and gadget parts to create an invincible hero. There are a lot of secrets.

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Those things have taken not only our soldiers, but also our technology and weapons as well, using our own helicopters and aircrafts against us. Before you go in there however, visit Bort in the Tutorial level if you are unsure of things. The enemy has spread into the plains. You’re going to have to get past these forces to reach the forest. Levels with yellow dots leading up to them are secret, optional levels.

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In Pingy2 flash game you are free to do anything you like, but we recommend starting with some quests. See the flag by the Quest menu option. That means you have completed quests to turn in. You get cash and exp for turning in quests. Quests are great way to get exp and cash. Click a quest to see more info about it, or if you’ve already completed it, you’ll be able to claim it this way. Questa marked as new are unread, while quests with a red checkmark icon by them are waiting to be claimed.

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Although Super Mario Crossover flash game can be played on the keyboard, it is designed to be played on a gamepad. Move - use arrow buttons, Z-jump, X-attack, S-special,1-pause. Character select: use the arrow keys to move the cursor, and press Z to select a character. Each character controls just like they do in their own games. With the default button settings, use the arrow keys to move. Press z to jump and x to attack or run. For some characters, you can press s for an alternative attack. Have fun. In case you choose Mario you need to know that he can run if you hold X while moving.

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Survive the zombie apocalypse as Allen C. Tyler, a scientist trying to figure out what makes these undead creatures tick. Experiment with them, brutalize them, feed them, give them objects to play with and discover over 250 unique reactions as you explore the full spectrum of the zombie brain.


Americas Army M16 Field Training flash game is very qualitative 3d emulator of shooting range. The action takes place from the first person view and in real computer shooter. Have fun shooting different objects and remember the number of ammo is limited, and the targets move very fast. Don’t miss any target otherwise you will have less score and the game will not be completed.

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Tamaggietch online game is a nice entertainment with Simpson character Maggie. You will need to control and improve all her lively needs: love, health, hunger and discipline. In order to feed give her piece of meat or milk, to show love – turn on TV, to heal her make an injection and to keep good discipline hit her with a plate with nail. You will also see the indicator of her age: years, months, weeks and days. To manage all 4 parameters is not so easy, and in case you kill Maggie you will read not very pleasant message.

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Play flash game Emogotchi and take care of small emo boy instead of usual animal. Control his live indicators and grow him up. Feed, Exercise, Heal, Punish etc. your boy by clicking the icons at the top of the screen. Push your Emo to its physical and mental limits. That’s when the fun begins. Check his health, weight, energy and happiness. Hit him if you want with a boxer glove or a brick. Then heal him, or make him sleep, turn on the music, or make him do exercises. And don’t forget to feed him, but don’t overfeed, otherwise he will throw up.

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In TealyGochi free online game you will have a small blue dragon to take care of. You should bring him up and create a good and friendly small monster. Please take care of the cuddly dragon, Tealy. Pay attention to its stats and gestures. Hunger, lack of sleep, and dirty ground can cause Tealy lose health and then fall sick.
Boredom causes Tealy to feel sad, play with it. Laziness cause him to be rebellious. A Tealy can evolve three times and live forever if you care for it every day.