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In The Red Guy Game flash game you will have some life tasks to manage. The game is based on 2 things.
Nr. 1 to get Red Guy a job. To get a job you have to fill one of the Interactive bars which are – knowledge, creativity, and strength.
Nr. 2 to keep Red Guy from dying of hunger, getting dirty, getting stinky, getting to bored or falling asleep out of bad while doing other stuff. To do that you have to keep you eyes on the Active bars – fun, sleep, cleanliness, WC, and hunger.
Enjoy the game and make the life of Red Guy be progressive, dynamic and entertaining.

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My Sweet Hamster free flash game will help you to find new friend whom you will take care of. Do you like small hamsters? If yes, this game is for you. This hamster lives in a beautiful and colorful house. You will need to follow all his life indicators: hungry, thirsty, happy, health, teeth, tired, dirty, and clean. In order to pass the first level you need to get all of these become not less than 60 %. You will be able to control all of his movements and order him what to do. First you start with one hamster but with each level you will have one more to take care of.

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This online game is an excellent stress reliever if you are angry at the whole world. Turn the volume up and relax. Don't even have to curse yourself!
Just point at the picture and have fun!

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Dynamic Systems 2 is the sequel to one of the most popular physics games in 2009. Inspired by Rube Goldberg Machines, the game poses you with intricate puzzles and challenges. Place the objects and get the ball to the end!

Use the mouse to interact with the systems