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Garden Shop online game for girls is about a girl planting seeds, watering it and collecting the flower to deliver it to the customer who waits. Collect the coins after the customer has paid.
Help the girl to carry out these activities by giving her the seeds, watering can and the scissors at the appropriate moment, when she has to plant the seeds. Water the seeds and then cut the flowers which have grown enough to give it to the customer.
Use the mouse to interact.

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Love inspires the most beautiful pictures. With love in your heart, try to find the objects (hearts, flowers, gifts, rings etc).
Try not to make mistakes, with every wrong click you will lose 5 seconds. For each level you have 3 minutes, and in case you run out of time, the game ends.
Play online games for girls among which is Love Hidden Objects which you will definitely like.

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Welcome to Sara's cooking classes in Eggs Benedict online game for girls. She will teach you how to make delicious Egg Benedict. Follow Sara's derictions to make a delicious dish. You will get bonus points on early completion.

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Play online game Hottie Hot Dog where you will need to manage your cafe serving hot dogs. Each customer shows the hot dog he/she wants. In order to prepare it place a bun on the plate. Click the sausage to place in on the grill. After a while put in into the bun and add needed ingredients.
Don't waste too much time, or your client will be sad. Serve correct orders, in case you make something wrong, use the trash bin and start again.
It is your chance to feel yourself as a cafe server in free flash game.

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Play online game for girls Delicious Brownies and learn how to prepare your favorite dessert at home with precise recipe. To make brownies, preheat oven to 350F. Line bottom and sides of a square baking tray with foil and spray with a nonstick cooking spray over foil. Fill stockpot with a little water and bring water to boil. Place heatproof bowl over stockpot over medium flame. Add butter and chocolate. The chocolate and butter will gently melt over about 10 minutes. When chocolate and butter completely melted, stir gently with a wooden spoon or whisk.

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With Lemon Cake free flash game you will learn how to cook lemon cake easy and fast. Just follow the instructions of the game. Preheat oven to 350F. Butter a cake pan with a non stick cooking spray. Sift or whisk together the flour, baking powder, salt and lemon zest in the bowl. In the large bowl add butter and sugar and beat until light and fluffy and pate in color. Then add vanilla extract, eggs one at a time and mix well after each addition. Then add the flour mixture, alternately with the lemon juice and mix until you have a smooth batter.

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In Omelette online game you will need to cook food on your own kitchen using different ingredients and tools. To make vegetable stuffing, heat the oil in frying pan, and then add shallots and stir it for 2 to 3 minutes. Then add rest of the vegetables carrot, capsicum, french beans, cabbage, spinach and stir it for 7 to 8 minutes. Then season with salt and chili powder and cook for a few minutes more stirring now and then turn off the heat and keep stuffing aside. Break 2 eggs in a bowl, then add milk, salt, pepper to the eggs and whisk till frothy.

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In Valentiner online game you will use the crossbow to grab gold and other treasure out of the sky. Once it has grabbed something it will pull it up. Heavy objects like rocks and large love nuggets will be harder to pull up. Between levels you can buy items that can help you.
Fill your love meter by the end of the level or it's game over. Your extra love points at the end of a level in free flash game for girls will be carried over to the next level.

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Sarah wants to kiss her boyfriend and do her own activities on her date in Date Slaking flash game. Help her to complete all of the activities within 4 minutes. But make sure not to get caught by the waiter. Don't slack in front of your boyfriend, too.
Use your mouse or keyboard to complete the activities. If the waiter or boyfriend comes to check on you, simply click the X to get back to date.

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Your dream come true. You are now a proud owner of the newest, most delicious cookie and cake gourmet store in town, as to flash game Cookie Tycoon.
Your objective is obvious, make the tastiest desserts on the planet and sell them to anybody and everybody.
Hire and fire people, upgrade your store, train staff, make profit...or a loss. You have 60 days (turns) to make your fortune. Good luck.
Can you be the next Cookie Tycoon?!
In the pantry and kitchen area you click on the cookies you want to sell and then buy the ingredients needed to make them.

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Play Cake Shop free flash game and learn how to prepare and serve cakes. When your first client arrives you have to provide her with the result of her order. Take a piece of biscuit loaf first and apply jam. Then top it off with the chocolate loaf. When the cake is ready serve it to the client. And earn some cash and tips.
You also need to learn how to use a bin. Take some apple jam and chuck it in the bin. You have to serve all the remaining customers. And their orders will differ from each other, so you need to pay attention what they order not to waste time and materials.

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Play online game Beauty Studio and manage the best salon. The goal of online game – move customers to the appropriate stations. Help customers to select an item they like and collect their money at the register. Meet every day's goal in order the move to to the next level.
Game controls – take your customers to the right zone as their need. You have to keep the place clean. Customers won't use a station if it's dirty.

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Play online game Beauty Resort and be the manager of the salon. Your first spa is ready to open to the public. It's a bit small, but sure the Mediterranean theme will attract a lot of clients. Click on the client and hold to pick them up. Then drop them at the desired station. Don't let their stress meters too high or they'll leave the salon. Sometimes stations get dirty, or need to be resupplied. Notice you can create a chain of actions for Heather. Select the requested item from the supply station. If you click on the wrong item, throw it in the appropriate trash can.

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Welcome to Bratz Fish Tank free online game for girls. You'll have lots of fun with your fishy friends if you feed them and keep them healthy. They're are Bratz fish, so of course they like to be in fashion – surround them with funky tank decorations you can pick out yourself. When you are ready to mix it up, use the fish mix to make new fish – you'll see some crazy combos. And don't forget to sell aome fish so you'll have plenty of cash to keep your fish in style. Bratz fish tank is flash game for girls with the passion for fashion and fish.