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In Kindergarten free game for girls you will play for Mila taking care of babies. You will start with one and if you do well your kindergarten will get more babies to handle. With the money earned, you will upgrade the interior and exterior. Eventually more parents will bring their babies. The kindergarten will start to grow.
Your main goal in flash game is to become the owner of the best and biggest Kindergarten in the city. In order to reach that you need to manage a lot of tasks and watch different children's indicators.

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Your house ran away. Chase it over the hill and collect items along the way. Guide your horse with arrow keys. To jump over holes or obstacles, press Space. If you miss something, run back by pressing left arrow key.
Play free online game Pony Adventure where all items and pics you collect will be stored in your inventory. Visit your closet any time to check out your new dress-up items or get changed.
Play through 3 levels and change numerous items in your closet and colect different inventory which will help you throughout the game.

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Welcome to your new Cafe flash game. Enter the wonderful world of gastronomy. Most important of all, the food. In the book find the recipes, ingredients to prepare food from, cooking time and benefits for each recipe. If you are out of some ingredients you can buy some. The “0” next to the small fridge indicates the lack of certain product. Below you see the price for it.
Click on the stove a few times to go through the different preparation steps of free online game.

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Play online game for free Shakira Make-up and create your own style for your favorite singer. Use as many tools as possible to make your final result be the best make up ever for such a good and professional singer. You can change hairstyles, selecting one of 5 different hairstyles. Then ye hair in one of the 7 colors. Add some charm to Shakira's look with 6 different highlights. Choose of of 14 colors for eyes. Then apply mascara on and choose eye shadows. Use rouge, foundation and lipstick. See if you like some of the piercings available. Choose the perfect dress for your celebrity.

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After your last success at the Paris Fashion show, you were recommended by the top European designers to work in New York.
Pick the design studio you would like to work for in Fashion designer NY free online game for girls.
After you’ve chosen a studio, don’t spend too much time looking around because the director has a job for you. Put together three complete outfits for him: one casual, one dressy and one professional. If he likes them, he will include them in the fashion show next week.

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Find matching pairs of cards by clicking on them in Winx Club Similarity online game for girls. You start the game with 1000 points. For each match that you make, you receive an additional 100 points. Every time you click on cards that don’t match, your score is reduced by 10 points.
Select your level of difficulty: 4*3, 5*4, 6*5.
The game is rather common so you shouldn’t meet any difficulties. The rules a re simple – find cards that are similar and match them. It is easy for kids too. Such kind of games develop memory and help to concentrate.

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My new room 3 is very interesting free flash game. It is online game where you can design an apartment. You can select between two types of the game mode: challenges and free play. Challenges: complete daily challenges to unlock new items. Free play – let your imagination run wild.
There are a lot of items, characters, animals, furniture, and much more. So, now it’s not simple room design, but also fulfillment of different interesting tasks. You have the variety of things to do, so you won’t be bored, and can create the room of your dream.

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In Winx club online game for girls your task is to find numbers from 1 to 15 on the picture with Winx characters. You will like your search as you will have a magnifying glass and you can examine the picture very precisely. Moreover the settings will change with each level. So, on the second stage you are going to see another background, which game the game more colorful and attractive to girls. Try your best to finish each level you less used time.

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Play Winx Pets Zuma online game with Winx pets. It is a wellknown game style with new desing, which you will definitely love. As in classical version you will need to shoot balls and match them by color. 3 matched balls will explode leaving space where other balls will roll. And remember the main aim of Zuma game, you don’t need to let the balls reach the hole, otherwise the game for you will finish.

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Your goal in Keeper of the Grove online games for girls is to keep your crystals from being stolen. Build defenders along the road to stop the monsters. Click on the spot where you want to build and select the defender you want to build: sprout – best fire rate, strikes monsters from a long distance, aqua tower – slows a target unit, movement speed by 50%, stone – deals splash damage, not effective against rugues. Stone defender has the largest area of effect damage by each shot.

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Recipe of Healthy Dinner free online game for girls consists of 9 actions, each of which you need to manage very accurately. Each move is valued in 3 stars, which you need to gain trying your best when managing tasks. Those are: Peel off the carrots. Boil broccoli. Divide broccoli into parts. Cut the chicken into pieces. Gather the ingredients for marinade. Mix the ingredients to make marinade. Pour the marinade on the chicken. Cool the chicken with marinade. BBQ chicken and broccoli.

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It’s almost eight and Miley is late for her concert. Quick. She needs to find the perfect outlet that will transform her into Hannah Montana, the famous rock star. Can you help her find the look that matches the snapshot?
Before Fashion challenge game starts, you will be shown a photo of Miley dressed up as Hannah. Concentrate on the photo and try to remember exactly what she is wearing. When the time is up, the photo disappears, and it’s up to you to find the matching elements in Miley’s bedroom and closet.

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Play online game Makeover designer and create unique style. Click the “Dress up” button to start the Dress up mode. Use the button to scroll through the items. To choose an item, click on it with your mouse and drag and drop it onto the girl, boy, or cat. Use buttons at the left top of the screen to change the skin color and the background. Click the “design Clothes” button to start the Design mode. You can also choose different colors, and patterns. Use the paint bucket to change the color or pattern of an item.

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Welcome to Pizza Point free online game. Alessandro Parmesano is your boss. He will teach you how everything is going along. You will see your first customer. Don’t go by appearances. Kids these days eat a lot. So click on the customer to give the “menu”. Give them time, look what they order. A circular pizza with pepperoni topping. Click on the Circular button in the basemaker to create a Circular base. Then click on pepperoni toping in the topping machine to add it on the base. Make shure you keep an eye on customer’s happiness. Wait till pizza finishes baking.