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In Beach Bikini Baby flash game you need to help the beauty choose the best and ideal apparel in order to impress everyone on the beach. Save your results and share them with your friends.

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Pancakes With Mushrooms flash game is another interactive recipe where you will learn how to make pancakes. The whole process is described very clearly, so after you play it here, you can go and make them at your kitchen.

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Flash game Turtle Cake Cooking is a nice pastime for girls. You will have the opportunity to make a cake following the recipe and the instructions. Everything you need is in front of you. In case you make everything successfully and like the recipe you can prepare it in real life.

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Welcome to Sarah’s culinary lessons in Caramel Rolls flash game. Today Sarah will teach you how to make caramel rolls. In first levels you will get some hints and bonuses. Follow the directions which will help you understand the recipe. You can also try this recipe in real life.

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Play online game 100 Differences and manage 10 colorful levels. Each level has pictures with babies with 10 differences in it. Enjoy the game and train your attentiveness.


The kitchen has been inhabited by women but then men captured it in order to use it for own needs. Play for the women’s side and defend the kitchen with the help of crude force and kitchen items.

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Lemonade Madness is coming! It's time for lemon people to fight as the chains of lemons are approaching the knife. You can stop the madnees with the help of the cannon shooter. Once there are three same colored lemons they disappear. Save them from the knife! THink fast, yet be very careful not to miss or not to shoot to the wrong place.
Play Lemonade Madness online game for free now!

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Susie Strawbella is preparing a new batch of delicious soda. But the bubbles are all over the place. You have 60 seconds to help her to get the bubbles into the bottles so that the soda tastes just right. With each level the game gets more and more difficult as there are different tastes of soda added, as well as the bubbles.
Play the Soda Pop Girls Bubble Catch online game with just the mouse.

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You wake up in the morning and.... Oh my God! You are late! Sounds like you? Well, you know what to do then. Dress up, do the makeup, and take all the things that you need. The task seems easy - but this is a Girls Beauty Room. Who knows where the phone is? Can be anywhere - maybe under the pillow? Or in the closet? Where are the keys? Or, no, the time is running out. You gotta help the little cutie or she'll be sad. . Play the game over and over - the girl's belonging are in a bew place every time. You can play this game online for free.