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You can drag the horses around the hospital with your mouse in Cute Horse Hospital free flash kids game. Release the mouse button over door to enter that room. Diagnose patients in rooms with blue doors. Cure patients in rooms with green doors.
Drag your patients to the right rooms. At nursery room you can check on the development of the foals. You can measure horses and check whether everything is ok. If the measurement shows that he's malnourished, you can fix that with an energy shake. At the feeding area of online game you can make a nutritious energy shake for the foal.

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Keep in memory and feed the kitty what it wants.
Finish the target within the given time limit. If you don't feed the kitty, you stand to lose. Score keeps decreasing the moment the game starts.
Complete each level of free online kids game Feed The Kitty to go to the next level. There are different food your kitty will eat in each level of flash games.
You have to complete 4 levels to win the game. Use the mouse to interact.

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Chrissa's grandmother likes to take the two mini llamas with her for a drive. Help the llamas grab flowers along the way. Move the mouse to the top or bottom of the screen to open the windows. Watch out for the bees. If you hit them, you'll lose energy. The online game is over when you're out of energy.
In Llama On The Go free online game press and hold mouse button to close both windows. Note that you can only do this for a short time.
Bonus item: sunflowers will restore your energy or give you bonus points.

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Welcome to My New Room online game for kids where you will have the opportunity to decorate the room as you like. There are a lot of different items and tools to help you.
In the colors and patterns menu you can apply your favorite color to your items. You can work on details: select different parts of an item to paint every detail in the color of your choice. Then use the draw and paint button in case you want to draw on the walls. Select a figure or drawing tool and start creating your own design.

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In Match the Couples free online game for kids your task will be to match pictures of people from all over the world. Particularly you will match a man with a woman of the same nationality. Except for the picture in national clothes you will see the nationality name written underneath the picture.
Click on a window to see what's behind and match it with its respective partner.
Remember the time is limited. You have only one minute, so try to perform the task as fast as you can.

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The goal in Smiley Memory online game for kids is to find matching pairs of smileys. A level starts with all smileys facing up. Remember as many as possible. Click on faced-down smiley to turn around. Then try to find the matching smiley.
Life indicator: when it runs empty, the game is over. Decreases with time and each mismatch you make. Next move indicator: when empty, some smileys will move around. Decreases with time and mismatches.

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Play online game Magic Links and link the matching tile pairs in the level. A lonk cannot have more that two turns, and cannon pass through a blocking tile. No diagonal moves.
Adjacent tiles can be linked with one straight line. Remember: there are no diagonal links, so don't try to link such tiles.
Links can go through empty spaces. A link can even take a turn, and even two turns. Links can pass through borders of the board. But still they cannot have more than 2 turns in this online game.

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It's Honey Harvest time in flash game. Help Piglet collect honey from the hives. Use your left and right arrows to move piglet under the honeycombs.
Move piglet up and down the slits to avoid the bees using the up and down arrow keys.
Collect enough honey to fill the pitcher and move further in the game.

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Shrek Shreds flash game is your chance to choose a skateboard and rip through the streets of far far away with Shrek. But watch out for obstacles, they are everywhere. And be sure to read the instructions first, since this takes some skill. Now grab a board and have some fun.
Choose your board and online game begins. Press and hold the down key to power-up, release it to jump. While in the air use right and left arrow keys for tricks. When on the ground use the up arrow for tricks. The more tricks, the higher your score will be.

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In My Cute Pets free flash game for kids you will have the task to take care of several pets. You will need to choose the level of difficulty (easy, normal and hard) with different time of level lasting. During this time follow pets' indicators and fulfill their wishes.
To mop, wash and pet keep moving the mouse left to right. To feed, cure, comb and play keep moving the mouse up and down. To walk follow the path with the mouse. Drink and claw – just release the mouse button.
Don't upset your pets, try your best to have the indicators in green area in online games.

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Trollez coaster free kids online game is a good mean to have fun and train different skills. Your main aim is to retain 2 passengers to unlock the next level. To do this you will need to ride carefully, because in case your moves are too sharp, one or two of the wagons can come off, and you lose your passengers, therefore lose the level. On the other game the faster you ride the move scores you get. So it’s you choice and task to estimate the situation and decide what to do.

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Ice cream truck online kinds game is a colorful and interesting rider. Your goal is to deliver ice cream to the kids at the end of each level. There are 18 levels in total. Get the best times possible for each level. The game will save your progress as well as your best times.
Use WASD or Arrow keys to control your Ice Cream Truck. Up to accelerate, down – reverse, right – rotate forward, left – rotate back.
Try to manage all obstacles on your way, and reach the destination spot as fast as possible.

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Zoo Wrangler is stealing animals in Tokyo Guinea Pop online kids game. Use Bubblegum to protect them. Click on the switch on the snake to launch a Guinea Pig. Click on switch to activate things. Cover all animals with gum to complete the level. Use portals to move things around. Switch covers need to be destroyed.
Break rickety wood with gum. Play through different interesting settings, enjoy graphics and avoid all possible obstacles on your way.

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Little animals need to go home. Drop parent animal on child. Collect stars to get extra score.
White bonuses affects on parent animal. Some bonuses can increase or decrease size of animal. Some change gravity or speed up animal.
Lions, monkeys, parrots, and elephants – all of them need your help. Play online game Little Animals Rescue and think over the best estimation of given conditions in order to lead all animals to their homes.