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Zoo Escape is an interesting and challenging kids online game for free. Take animals to the gate, where freedom is waiting for them. Click on the gray stones to make them disappear.

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Help happy smiley guy stay on the screen in Draw a Line flash game. Draw a line by clicking or dragging and then press Go. Happy guys can collect stars in each level.
Annoyed guy wants to leave this place. Help him too. The line must not touch anything. When you need to manage several different guys at once try to draw the curve line between them.

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It was a sunny Friday afternoon, and the family was going on a weekend vacation. Rachy was looking forward to all the exciting plans she had for herself and her Bear. All of a sudden a Deer jumped into the road. The car swerved to avoid it. Teddy fell out the car window.
“What do you mean he jumped out?!” mum said, “He’ll turn up, I bet he’s just gone for a picnic.”
Now you need to use WASD key to move along the forest and meet new adventures on your way in Teddys Excellent Adventure free online kids game. You – as a teddy bear. Click objects to interact with them.

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Welcome to best online games. Are you ready to break the greatest record in the sea? This is the record for the highest jump.
Check if you can do it in Flying Octo free flash game. The record is easy. You have to jump and fly and you must not fall. There are many awards you can get it later.

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Choose the mode you want to start Emma valentine flash game. You will need to find differences on two almost similar pictures.
Easy mode– many differences to find but only a few are needed to reach the next page. This is a great way to play with young children.
Normal mode presents the perfect blend of quick progress with occasional moments of difficulty.
Harder – more differences are shown and you need to find them all. Hints are still available if you get stuck.
There are also 12 scenes to play in.

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In Halloween pairs flash game you will need to find similar cards. First level starts with 6 cards to find and compare. With each level the number of cards will increase in two. Click the card and see the image on it. Try to memorize its location and find the same image on the board. Combine all cards to finish the level. Remember, you have limited time, so try to perform your task fast. In case you don’t understand how to play, try the first level and practice a little bit in the easiest mode.

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Use the mouse to aim and click to launch a squirrel to a nut, this is the main aim in Nutty mania free flash game. There are 42 levels to complete. Avoid spikes – don’t let the squirrel touch it. Shoot with max power to move the wooden block away. Shoot special stars and get your squirrel separate into many small squirrels collecting all possible nuts all around. You can break the ice blocks with squirrel or wood. There are also bounce blocks which will help you jump to the top of the platform.

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Please, help Jack to collect all of his bones and return to his doghouse in Catch the bones free flash game. Click him to inhale, click again to exhale. Drag objects to rotate. At some levels there will be two characters to control. Sometimes moving platforms will prevent you to catch the bone.
Get different medals: beginner – complete the first level. Swimmer – complete level 14 with no more than 4 breaths. Beginner collector – collect 30 bones. Hard-bitten – complete level 8 and collect all bones.

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Build a zoo and finish all tasks to proceed to the next level in Zoo Builder free flash game.
You can build new structures from the menu, grayed items are not affordable yet. Information about the building can be found in the right side of the buttons.
Once you pressed the button some tiles will look like squares. If you then press it you will construct your building and pay the price to build it.
You can also upgrade your building 2 times by hover over the building and pressing the ^ button to upgrade it. You can also demolish the building by pressing X button.

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Farm Rush is a good flash game for your kids. It is colorful and will develop their thinking and attentiveness. The screen will have three moving lines. Each line has gaps which you need to fill in. The gaps are shadowy, and the items to fill are bright. So the aim is to compare shapes. In case you do the matching fast, you receive bonuses. The faster you do all matching, the higher score you receive at the end of the level. Each level will have more matches to perform. Memorize all shapes – that will help you later. The items are mainly – vegetables and berries.

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Play Snow drift online game and use the arrow keys or WASD to move. Space bar to jump and use S to slide. Push left or right to make the yeti run. Push up to make it jump. Hold down to make the yeti slide. Press up to jump out of slide.
Knock out monsters with your slide. Remember that you can slide on ice, but you can’t slide on snow. Keep an eye put for pesky little penguins. They can’t hurt you so stack up the points by knocking them off the platform. Most platforms can jump onto from anywhere below them. You can only jump on square rock blocks. You can’t jump through them.

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SpongeBob took dirty bubble challenge and became so obsessed with paddle ball he didn’t notice his most–beloved mollusk was missing. Now it’s up to you to help him find Gary. Help SpongeBob find his trusty snail by padding away all the pair of identical twins on the game screen, leaving only the friend who has information about Gary’s whereabouts.
- Use the mouse to aim;
- Click with the mouse’s left button to select a twin. Then click his or her double, and they’ll both vanish from the screen.
Power ups/bonus points:

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Play online game Aengie Quest and have fun with small girl Aengie collecting keys and opening different doors in order to pass to the next level. The character is cute and you control her with your arrow keys. The objective is to help Aengie to the exit of each level. You can use object and boxes to open doors. Just walk into a box to push it forward. Collect keys to open a door. Every used key will disappear. Good luck in this entertaining game for kids.

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Dive into Bikini Bottom’s favorite pastime Jellyfish Shuffleboard online game. Choose SpongeBob or Sandy and pick from two play modes: Hi-Score Challenge or Vs. Mode. Use your mouse to control the strength of your push by lengthening or shortening the arrow. Then click to slide your jellyfish. Keep an eye on the water vane and use the current to direct your jellyfish. Land a jellyfish on a number to score points, but watch out for the -10 squares.