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Entertain yourself or your kid by Baby animal memory free flash game. The rules are simple: click on the card to display picture, memorize it. In a second it will flip back and you will need to open another card to see whether you find similar pictures, than click matching cards to reveal them. Try to remember where the pairs are located. This game contains 12 cards, and time limitations. Try to clear the screen completely before time runs out. Do your best to manage the task the fastest way you can. In case you want to start the game again – press “Play again”.

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Cat Fluffy has had a great time in kitchen when owners were out. And now she needs to get out of this mess. Play online game Fluffy's Kitchen Adventure and help the cat to move on the squares due to what the dice shows. When she gets stuck somewhere in the trash she needs to solve different tasks.

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Play online game The Smurfs Sports Pairs and decide how to match characters with tools. The Smurfs decided to take part in Olympic Games but they forgot which instrument to take. You need to help them find their sport equipments.

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Shape Drop online game is a nice entertainment for kinds improving their coordination. They will see things of different shape and different holes. The aim is to match the item with a hole. The figures are falling slowly and you need to direct them using arrow keys. The more you play, the bigger amount of different figures you discover.

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Brain Racer online game will help you learn multiplication table and improve your knowledge in an entertaining way. Your character is running together with his friends, and the more correct answers you give, the faster he will run. The soundtrack won’t leave your kinds indifferent.

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This train with puzzles has arrived to check your attentiveness. Play Puzzle Train online game and find each piece to each item for limited time. The tasks will get harder with each level, and due to your score you will have the valuation of your attentiveness.

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Generous monkey wants to feed ancient idols with bananas. He needs your help. Direct the throw and control the power. Remember the amount of bananas is limited.

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Cut the ropes with balloons in order to let them fly and explode when touching sharp platforms. You will also need to sway the balloons with the attempt to direct it properly. You may as well shot them with arbalest. Remember you can let the balloon fly away.

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Gnome Miner has created a new tool, which can pull gold nugget fro under the ground. You just need to take aim and press the button. He needs your help. Try to avoid the dead rocks and cobble-stones. You have to do it fast – the time is limited.


SpongeBob Squarepants - Coloring Book is on online coloring book where you can do no wrong :) There are many bright colors and different pages for those who like this cartoon character. Also, you can add your own drawing to the picture.
Add the game to your faves and come back for more!

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Help Sponge Bob to find his favorite mollusk - Gary, following the trail of the snail. Every round gives new bonuses.
Game is timed up, so don't mess around - play at your best!
Use the mouse to complete the tasks.
Play Trail of the Snail and lots of other fun online games at

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Play Farm Bee flash online game: you are the farm Bee and you are on a mission of saving the Earth from the nasty stinkbugs
Guide the Bee with the mouse over the flowers to make them bloom. Avoid the stinkbugs. Once you complete the task, hit the "Go!" buttin and proceed onto the next field.
Use the mouse to navigate the Bee. Try to do your best to be named the "flower Bee Champion"!

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Be quiet - School's in session! It's a great online game with the characters that you know for sure. There are puzzles, math quizzes, and other fun tasks. There is a twist to it - your answers are being graded, so do your best to score as high as you can!
Enjoy the School's in session free flash game!

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Learning numbers has never been so easy and pleasant. Connect the numbers in order, and if done right - you'll see a bright picture.
Play Learn the Numbers and many other educational games online at