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Finally, the student years are over. It was more than too long, decades in fact, spending half your time as the chief of guard of a small town in the outskirts (this at least kept you from forgetting gemcrafting spells), and the other half keeping yourself young and ready with cheap magic tricks, and studying higher wizardry.
Two weeks ago everything changed. It began with something like an eclipse. Everything went dark for a moment, with a wild wave of wind blowing through the town. Then the weather became more sinister. Each day, it was either the silence before the storm, with strange colors and even ashes flying with the wind, or the storm itself, smashing and flooding.
Monsters of the wildness began appearing at the town gates in much greater numbers than before, forcing you to constantly upgrade the gems guarding the town and to set up deathtraps all across the streets.
The townspeople fled in terror, carrying what they could of their belongings - and by the tenth day it was just you and the monster in a the ghost town. This was also the day when the location of the great test, the challenge you were waiting for so long, appeared on your magic map. Fortunately it was just a few days away - now you understand why the council sent you to that small town and not anywhere else for spending your seemingly endless years of practice and preparation.
There are 13*13 fields in the Labyrinth online games waiting for you to explore. Repel the attack of the monsters on the field, and more fields will appear before you in flash game. Click on the field at the entrance of the Labyrinth to start free online game GemCraft Labyrinth.