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Play Glorious Empire Toss online flash game


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The object of Glorious Empire Toss is to keep the peasants out of the safe house. If 5 peasants make it inside, you lose. Click and hold peasant and let go to throw. Toss the peasant into the volcano for points. Some peasants are harder to throw than others. Leave your hand on the mouse longer to throw peasants. If your throw is not hard enough, the peasant will plop back down and keep running toward the safe house in flash game.
Click a minon to unleash their special power. Each minion (red, blue, green and brown) can only be used once per online game. Hot Keys can also be used (1=green, 2=red, 3=brown and 4=blue). Scoring is based on how many peasants you throw into the volcano. The heavier the peasant, the more points are scored.