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Play Goal Wall Shooting online flash game


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To score in Goal Wall Shooting soccer online game, shoot the ball into one of the three holes of the wall. The left and right holes score 500, the middle 250. To shoot, move the mouse over the ball. Click and hold the left mouse button. A red cross hair appears which you can drag around to set the point you will hit the ball. The red circle indicates the area you hit the ball at the previous shot.
The blue power bar indicates the strength of your shot. The red sign inside indicates the strength of the previous shot flash soccer game. Release the mouse button to shoot.
After the ball stops moving, it is set onto the penalty mark again and you can do the next shot.
The online game has five levels to accomplish. To reach the next level, you have to make a determination amount of goals in a given time. With each level the difficulty grows. The umber of needed goals increases and the time to make the goals decreases. Additionally the holes get smaller each level and their positions change in soccer flash game.
If you've completed a level, you get 50 points bonus for each second left. The online game is over after you did all five levels or if you ran out of time.
After a shot you can replay it by pressing the "replay" button. The time is stopped while the replay.