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Play Golden Gauntlet online flash game


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Before you start to play flash game Golden Gauntlet you have to choose your character.
Slash Sparks - the war guitar player, his clan was disbanded long time ago. Just a few remain active as mercenaries or assassins. The strength of Slash resides in his charmig melodies and the edge of his guitar.
Jifhoo DarkSkull - the spear warchief - one of the few lizardmen that kept the old lizard way of life and is not under the dark emperor control. He manipulates the fire and ice elements and can be versatile either at short or long range in flash game.
Marion Greenwing - evil angels are singular and very rare hibrids... Marion was gifted with talents from both heritages that flow through her veins...No one is capable of summoning angels and demon forces as well.
Lion Ironblood - restless Paladin - he is the of the most talanted restless paladins, an order that has sworn to destroy the dark emperor at all costs. Lion is a tough man with the blessing of the gods in his warhammer.
Shengu Fastknive - assassin shinobl - a young shinobi that is looking forward to claim the golden gauntlet. Shengu can hide from his foes in flash games and perform deadly attacks from the shadows.
Sophie Regestone - metal warriors are known by their brute force and by using their rage to perform powerful attacks in online games. Sophie is capable of becoming berzerked and perform smashing attack.