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Drive close to another car to pick up a draft and increase your speed in Grand Prix Go online racing game. Steer, accelerate and brake with WASD or arrow keys. Boost when available with X or N, and reset car with space. You've got 8 laps to help you learn the track. Beat the lap record to earn an achievement. A recording of your best lap so far, is played back to help improve your time.
You have 3 laps to set a qualifying time, which decides your race grid slot in flash game. The current qualifying time are shown in the top left of the screen. Extra prize money can be earned by qualifying in the top 3. Boost is not available during qualifying.
The higher you finish position the greater the prize money. Finishing in top 3 will unlock the next race. Qualify on pole, win all races and upgrade your car to the max to unlock the Pro Series. Various achievements can be earned during a race.
Prize money if flash game can be spent to upgrade your car. Engine - higher top speed and faster acceleration. Boost - increases the engine power for a short while. Brakes - improved braking ability. Downforce - improves your cornering ability. Grip - improved traction.