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You are an egg smuggler in Great Eggscape online fun game. You just spent your last 10 gold to buy 1 egg and you want to sell it back on the other side of the border. But beware of the towers laid by border police. Those guys have only one pleasure in life: getting you stuck in the corner so they can break your eggs. No kidding, the game is the controversy to online tower defense games.
Click and drag the eggs toward the target. Avoid getting shot by the towers. Collect stars for extra money. Damage eggs can still be sold, but cheaper. After each level, you'll need between 1 and 12 eggs to play the next level (1 more egg for each level). Some eggs are faster or more solid, but also more expensive. Don't spend all your money on easy levels. If you end up with less gold that level *10, you wont be able to buy enough eggs for the next level and the game will be over.