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Play Guitar Geek online flash game


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Mastering the guitar is all about timing and dexterity, first of all check out the fret board which you can see to the left. As the notes move down the fret board, get ready to push the appropriate key when the note is exactly over the target in the picking area.
The better your timing the more points you’ll score in Guitar Geek free flash game. If you can keep hitting the notes accurately then your combo counter will increase, multiplying the bonus you get for each note.
To clear the stage you must keep the skill bar above the half-way point by not flunking too many notes. Clear all five stages and earn the title of Guitar Geek.
One more thing – you can also use the 1234 or HJKL keys instead of ASDF and Esc or P key will pause the game. Rock on music online games!.