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Play Harry The Hamster 2 online flash game


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Harry's heard stories about a golden hamster wheel built by an Egyptian Pharaoh for his precious pet. The ten pieces of the wheel are now scattered across the world, so you'll have to guide Harry though pipes and along paths, avoiding hostile rats and clearing obstacles. Move hamster with arrow keys, press space to pick up and drop objects, M - to show or hide the map in Harry The Hamster 2 online maze game.
Harry can carry all the pieces of the wheel, but only one other object at a time. If someone or something is blocking your way, you need to be carrying the right object to solve the problem.
Use the map in free online games to find remaining pieces and see where you are. To complete the game, collect all 10 pieces and return home. Harry loses energy as he runs around or if he's attacked by rats, but picking up a piece of the wheel restores his energy. If his energy runs out, the game ends.