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Play Hero rpg online flash game


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Play Hero rpg free online game where warriors are the rulers of the battlefield. Weilding melee weapons such as swords, axes, and maces they excel at close range combat. Warriors typically wear heavy armor making them hard to kill and deadly in one on one battle. Warriors spend most their time at the local blacksmith, pub, or on the battlefield in flash game. Warriors are weak at a range and are less charismatic than the other classes.
Use WASD keys to move. Spacebar: Battle - before you attack an enemy you first press spacebar, when you can direct your attack. Then when the enemy is in range click the mouse to perform the attack. Town - use space to perform actions such as opening a trade window or taking to people. Use Shift to pick up loot dropped from enemies. Hand on both keyboard and mouse is rpg flash games. The rest of your game you get to figure out for yourself. Click on the X to start.